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'Excellent Attorney”


Excellent attorney. He is a specialist and really knows his stuff. He has a good presence in court and the judges and other lawyers seem to like him and respect him. He helped me get through a very difficult divorce with my difficult ex.

- L.M.

“Aggressive and Knowledgeable”


Two years ago, my child custody case began where I had hired a terrible and unexperienced attorney. I found my self in need of a strong and knowledgeable attorney. I did my research and found that Mr. Medina was an ex-military, ex-Police Officer, UCLA and USC graduate. While in court his experience and strong attitude were apparent. He took my child’s needs into consideration which I found to be a sign of character. During my case we covered child custody, child support, an evaluation, a restraining order, smaller details of school and so forth…all the while Mr. Medina kept his cool which brought some relief to a time which was tiresome and stressful to me. The outcome to my case was one in where I am very grateful to have had Mr. Medina’s services. Mr. Medina was prompt in response to my phone calls and emails. His assistants, as well, were very professional and courteous when dealing with them while Mr. Medina was in court on other cases. Mr. Medina kept me informed off all appointments and communications from my ex’s attorney. I would and have recommended Mr. Medina to my friend’s and family. My co-worker as well has attained Mr. Medina for her custody case and has expressed her happiness with his services.

- L.L.

“I recommend Randy to anyone”

Randy helped me with my child custody case I have son back now and still continues to help me with my child support case. I recommend Randy to anyone that needs a good lawyer he has helped me very much and continues to help me. His staff has been very helpful and keeps me inform all the time and they are always there when you need to talk to them. thank you Randy for everything you’ve done for me.

“Randy is thoroughly knowledgeable”


Randy is thoroughly knowledgeable in the area of Child Support and Family Law. He has represented my complicated case in the most professional and effective manner. I only wish he handled my case from the very beginning.

- F.M.

“He kept his cool”


Mr. Medina had no idea what we were getting into. He kept his cool and resolved the situation as promised.

- S.C.

“Exceptional and Efficient Service”

Mr. Medina is intelligent, hard working, assertive and very responsive. As soon as I met him I knew I was in good hands. My case was very difficult and yet he was always in control. He does not like to lose. I would highly recommend him to my family members and close friends. Great Attorney!!
- O.R.

“Excellent and Professional Lawyer & Character - Thank You!


I needed a lawyer to address a child custody and support issue that has arisen 2 years after the divorce was final. We had used a mediator during the divorce and thus I had never hired a lawyer or went to court and I was very uncomfortable facing this challenge and uncertainty. I consulted four lawyers including Mr. Medina. I saw his bio on his website and was impressed with his honorable career and choices. In doing my research, I saw the one negative, anonymous review above and I found the bio and the negative review hard to reconcile – and thus was eager to find out more. After meeting Mr. Medina in consultation, I immediately knew he was the lawyer I wanted out of the four to represent me. He was positive, careful, appeared very knowledgeable and above all just genuine. I was very uneasy and distraught about the pending situation and I distinctly remember that he walked me to the door at the end of the meeting and said “Don’t worry, it will be all right” – it was so re-assuring and real. Since then, in preparing for the case, I have visited his office about a half dozen times and during these visits, I always feel in very good hands and come away feeling very positive about the case. Along with knowing the law and demonstrating significant experience, he conveys common sense and real connections with people and to the things that really matter – i.e. the children and the parents’ well being. There have been a number of documents that have needed to be developed and filed and in all cases he prefers to pass all of them by me and is more than willing to incorporate my suggestions and comments in cases where he does not view them to be compromising but rather strengthen the case. We have come most of the way in the case, including a deposition and had a day in court. In both, he stepped up to the plate; he prepared me well for the deposition and he performed very professionally and effectively in court. I have found that he steers away from negativity and instigating actions that might make matters worse and is cognizant of trying to come up with quicker, easier solutions if they can be found. Moreover, his office staff has been effective in facilitating communications, appointments, document development/revision, etc. I feel so fortunate to have Mr. Medina represent me and I highly recommend him and his services. Best wishes with your case

- D.W.

“Excellent Choice!”


I married my second wife thinking that my previous marriage was already dissolved. We got referrals from a friend to Randy Medina, which we hire on the spot because of the urgency of the matter. He was very straightforward, and in a matter of 3 months my issue was resolved. Through out the whole process he was always reachable, he keep us updated on the different stages of the process, and he finally pull for us a positive nunc pro tunc judgment. I highly recommend Randy because of his knowledge about family law, his professionalism and his kind character.

- J.P.

“Randy was always there to answer my questions”


I recently completed a family law case with Randy at Rancho Cucamonga Court, that involved both child support and spousal support. Prior to using Randy, I had employed the services of another less experienced attorney. The difference in legal experience and addressing clients needs was unbelievable. Randy was always there to answer any questions. More than that, he used his vast legal knowledge and law enforcement insight to obtain court orders of my ex-spouses financial statements. This proved crucial in the ultimate decision that the judge rendered. Randy, has a no nonsense approach to his practice. He will tell you like it is, even if you may not like the outcome. He will not lie to you or fill you with expectations. If it is there, Randy will attempt to use every legal means to capitalize on it. I highly recommend him.

- R.R.

“I would highly recommend his services”

I have used Mr. Medina several times for divorce, child custody and child support hearings and Randy always comes through. He is very knowledgeable about case law and does a great job at presenting the facts. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a good family law attorney.
- S.S.

“There is None Better!!!!”


I found Mr, Medina through my father’s union magazine. He met with me within 24 hrs from my phone call. He made me feel extremely comfortable speaking with him regarding my situation. My case involves 2 children and an husband who is currently serving in the military. This is not a typical case. He has shown to be very knowledgeable not only in family law but also in law concerning current military members. Mr. Medina and his staff have been outstanding during my case. They return phone and emails within a timely manner. They have kept me informed through the entire process and answered all of my questions. It truly does not get any better than Mr. Medina. Being a daughter of an law enforcement officer (both of my parents), I would highly recommend Mr. Medina to represent you in your case. I would not want him going against me!

- G.W.

“A True Expert In His Field of Family Law”


I finally found a family law attorney who was very well educated in family law and had a great deal of confidence in advising me how to proceed. He is fair, honest and does not play games with opposing counsel. I felt very safe walking into court with him and my case was settled quickly and fairly. I attribute that largely to the way Randy Medina represented me and the other sides lack of ability to push him around. I would absoultely hire him again and have already referred him to a friend.

- T.F.

“Excellent Service”


I engaged Mr. Medina after trying the DIY route. His staff were attentive to my needs and responded quickly when I had questions. Mr.Medina struck me as honest and forthcoming – he was attentive to my comments, and direct and straightforward in his. He provided the services I engaged him for in a professional and forthright manner. I would utilize his services if the need arises in the future and recommend his services to anyone who reads this review.

- C.B.

“Completely Satisfied”


Our case was a difficult one. Even so, we were 100% victorious. Thank you Randy.

- L.M.

“Outstanding Knowledgeable Attorney”


I hired Randy to help take over my divorce and child custody case. He was always fully prepared for court (something my prior counsel wasn’t able to do). Randy entire office was very supportive and professional. Randy made sure I took the time to understand all the steps involved and I never felt rush or forced to do something I didn’t feel comfortable with. Thank You Randy for all the hard work and complete dedication to my case, I know that my divorce was difficult and looking back you stood by me and fought for me… I will forever be grateful. Thank You again!

- Y.R.

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