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Child Custody

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At the Law Offices of Randy W. Medina, we understand how challenging child custody matters can be. With more than 22 years of legal experience, our firm provides aggressive and strategic representation for our clients. With personalized counsel and dedicated service, we make sure our clients’ best interests are protected; we also make sure their children are safeguarded throughout the complex process.

That is why our Certified Family Law Specialist is here to provide an intelligent approach to your case. Randy W. Medina has been practicing in California for more than two decades, giving him a great familiarity with the local legal system. We listen to each individual situation, putting our knowledge and experience to work for every case—never offering cookie-cutter solutions.

Legal Custody

Legal custody is the right and the responsibility to make decisions relating to the health, education and welfare of a child. Decisions regarding schooling, and medical and dental care, for example, are made by a parent with legal custody. The court can make a sole legal custody award, where only one parent has this right or a joint legal custody award where both parents share this right.

Physical Custody

Physical custody is a designation of which parent a child will reside with. Sole physical custody means that a child shall reside with and be under the supervision of one parent, subject to the power of the court to order visitation. Joint physical custody means that each of the parents shall have significant periods of physical custody. Joint physical custody shall be shared by the parents in such a way so as to assure a child of frequent and continuing contact with both parents

Child custody issues are often the most contentious and difficult aspects of divorce proceedings. At the Law Offices of Randy W. Medina, we have effectively represented countless clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area who have ultimately been able to obtain child custody orders serve the best interests of the children. We provide comprehensive trial experience in contested child custody cases. We will advise you through the mediation process, work to draft a fair and equitable custody agreement wherein your child’s interests are paramount, and if litigation becomes necessary, aggressively yet compassionately represent you at trial.

As one of the most difficult areas of a divorce or separation, child custody can be emotional, mentally, and physically challenging. Our firm is here to guide you through this stressful process!

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As a seasoned attorney who has been practicing law since 1998, Randy W. Medina has many years of experience in California family law, allowing him to represent his clients effectively and professionally.

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