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Individual and family circumstances often change over time. Children get older, income levels change and people remarry. When the circumstances of your situation change, it is possible that court orders related to your prior family law matter may no longer be appropriate. California law allows modification of of child custody, child support and spousal support orders. Moreover courts usually retain jurisdiction to ensure that provisions in the divorce judgment are carried out.

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Even if we did not represent you during your divorce proceeding, we can help you pursue a modification of orders. We will review your orders and judgments, examine the situation and clearly and thoroughly present you with all of your available options. When you retain our services, you can be confident that you will receive aggressive and compassionate support.

Our legal team has experience with the complicated court system and will always strive to protect you and your children. We understand what burdens must be met and what evidence needs to be presented to meet the burdens of proof. Changing any kind of order is a serious endeavor that can affect you and your child’s life (as well as your relationship with one another), which is why we ensure your best interests remain prioritized.

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As a seasoned attorney who has been practicing law since 1998, Randy W. Medina has many years of experience in California family law, allowing him to represent his clients effectively and professionally.

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