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Emotional abuse, psychological abuse, verbal abuse, and physical abuse are all forms of domestic violence—and domestic violence factor into many divorce or paternity cases. If you or your child have been the victim of spousal / parental abuse, it is imperative that you take action to remove your family from a dangerous situation. In the state of California, domestic violence victims may file for protective restraining orders.

Are you in danger?

Has someone hurt you or threatened to do so? You can file for a domestic violence restraining order— which is a special court order designed to protect victims of violence in their homes or from those with whom they share a close or familial relationship.

Among other things, a domestic violence restraining order can force the offender to:

  • Move out of your home
  • Not possess a firearm
  • Avoid all contact with you, your child, your cohabitants, and your family members
  • Pay domestic support
  • Stay away from your work, your child’s school, and your home

Defense for the falsely accused

Domestic violence is a serious matter. However allegations of domestic violence may be false. If you have been served with a domestic violence restraining order, talk to a Los Angeles Family Law Attorney based in Pasadena, California right away. Allegations of domestic violence could be used to the other party’s advantage in a family law proceeding. At the Law Offices of Randy W. Medina, we are passionate about protecting our clients’ rights. Don’t let false allegations affect your Constitutional right to bear arms, keep you away from your children, force you to stay out of your home, or impair your case in a divorce or custody matter.

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